Benjamin Darvill
guitars, harmonicas, mandolin

Birth Date: January 4th, 1967

Benjamin Darvill does guitars, harmonicas, mandolin, and a few others in the group. He has a wide range of musical talents which he contributes to Crash Test Dummies. Ben has been around all the while CTD was formed.

Here is how Ben himself says how he joined (from interview done at

"Brad asked me to join 'cause he'd seen me in my previous band, the Detonators, and thought I'd be good at taking solos and adding a lively element to the show."

Ben's former band The Detonators was an R&B band. After their break up, Ben decided to join Brad and the gang, which became known as Crash Test Dummies.

Not only does Benjamin have musicial talents, but acting talent as well. He gave up acting to pursue with Crash Test Dummies. Look out in the future, you never know...

To sum up everything I'll end with what Benjamin Darvill is looking forward to, in the future (Quote from interview)

"A tall wide mouthed woman with big hands and un-lady-like manners.  I'm looking anyway.    But I suppose I'm more looking forward to making some more good music and learning some more breaking moves.  It's all chasing the same carrot innit?"

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