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May 15, 2000
Note from Ben:
Son of Dave toured across Canada for april and part of may, and I can say it was a great success for us. Small venues and tight crowds are par for the course on a first tour but it showed the press and those first few eager fans that we have a very different and hip show. 
Right now, plans are to make a video for 'Devil take my soul' and to keep at the business end of things untill the record is in EVERY shop and being played on EVERY redio station. Another tour in Fall is likely, and some publicity stunts before then might be wise. If any one wants to call their local station and request the single, its there waiting to be played.

April 25, 2000
Here is the story so far. Benjamin's CDs are both available at his web site, ''. He has a cross Canada tour going on right now. Check out the tour dates page. Dan Roberts of Crash Test Dummies has been reported to be touring with Ben as well.