Brad Roberts
singer/song writer, guitars

Birth Date: January 10th, 1964

Brad Roberts is the frontman of the Crash Test Dummies. Born and raised in the cold harsh regions of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Below you can see a picture of his first grade class. To make it easier to find him in the photo, I shaded the rest of the class dark. He's second from the right in the back row.

He started the group back in the late 80's and thought nothing of it. It was just a way to past the weekend with friends, and really was just a hobby. Back in the old days, him and the group would hang out in the bars and play old cover tunes. Until one day Brad began to get an interest in song writing. This led him to write the famous Supermans Song which was one of their biggest hits, along with Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. Brad wrote almost every song on each of their albums. The exceptions were on the first album where Benjamin Darvill wrote Thick-Necked Man, and they also covered a song written by Paul Westerberg titled, Androgynous.

During his time in the band he has taken a few places of residence. He left his place in Winnipeg in 1995 and moved to London, England. This was his place for writing the 3rd album, A Worm's Life. Since then, Brad now has a place down deep in Harlem. This was the writing place of their newest album, Give Yourself A Hand. It's here where Brad discovered he could do falsetto. After hearing it all around him down there, and finding himself singing it in the shower, he realized that he could pull it off on an album. The new album began a different sound yet again for the dummies. Having more beat, effects, and Brad's falsetto, with a hint of bass-baritone, it turned out to be their best album yet, in my opinion.

With this new album, his live stage performances has changed as well. It wouldn't be strange to see Brad on stage with a bra, and dress, with lip stick now days -oh and don't forget about those nicely painted nails. A quote from his letter to says:

"The touring for ''Give Yourself A Hand'' has been a major blast so far. I've never had this much fun on the road. Dressing as a transvestite cowboy is a gas; and, weirdly, there seems to be a certain breed of heterosexual girls who are very turned on by this! Women - you find out something new about them everyday. At least they're not boring, like your average man."

I've read in a couple show reviews in the past which say, "The only movement from Brad Roberts on stage would be the occasional raised eyebrow."
Maybe dressing as a transvestite cowboy, is a way to get back at them.

That's it for now on this Captian Crunch eatin' rock star. Watch out for the fifth album in the future, which Brad joked about already begining to be working on...

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