Computer Programs

Welcome to the Computer Programs downloads section. The following are computer programs that have a CTD look, and appearance to them. Programs such as text editors, clocks, and other useful utilities often have a dull/boring look to them. Below you can find all of the available programs with a CTD look. All of the programs are zipped to decrease download time. Installation of all of these programs are the same. First, extract the zip file, then run the Setup file. The install program will place the programs icon on your Start Menu.

Computer Programs
Screen Savers

All files here are zipped up to save you downloading time. One of the best programs to deal with zipped files is Winzip. Click the icon below to go to their site and download a free copy.

Download Winzip!

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CTD Date/Time
The first program created for this series, CTD Date/Time. This fast little loading program shows you the the correct date and time. It can be left out on your desktop for viewing. It's created small in size so it doesn't slow down your computer while running.

Size: 1.75mb


many more CTD programs will be coming very soon...

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