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Brad's Live Solo Album
The long awaited solo album by Brad Roberts is now complete, along with the Rockumentary video. Both are planned to be released in the fall. The live solo album will be a 2 CD set with the following track list. Thanks to James Kalyn for passing along the track list on the CTD mailing list, KALOffT.

CD 1
1 - Introductory remarks
2 - Understand Your Man
3 - An aside regarding prostitution
4 - Androgynous
5 - I Want To Par-tay!
6 - Oral sex is proffered by Mr. Roberts in order to compensate for the high ticket price
7 - Cocaine
8 - Give Yourself A Hand
9 - Trident Gum Theme
10 - Da Doo Ron Ron
11 - A discussion of bowel difficulties during the performance ensues
12 - Afternoons & Coffeespoons
13 - A poem, "Scientific Management," is read
14 - Keep A Lid On Things
15 - A hilariously derisive account of my heritage ensues, the scotch now
16 - Coursing through my body as I experience an ever increasing alcohol-induced euphoria
17 - Superman's Song

CD 2
18 - Relation between the bass baritone guitar and the penis is discussed
19 - God Shuffled His Feet
20 - My freedom from all STDs is firmly and self-servingly established
21 - A Cigarette Is All You Get
22 - He Liked To Feel It
23 - The String Change Song
24 - Delilah
25 - La Grange
26 - Torontonians - pros and cons
27 - UnBreak My Heart
28 - My reputation in the politically correct press as 'Crash Test Drunkard'
29 - Bette Davis Eyes
30 - another poem, entitled "Circumcision," is read
31 - Hit Me Baby One More Time
32 - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
33 - Encore

Little Update from Benjamin Darvill
Here's a little note of what Ben has sent in today.

Son of Dave toured across Canada for april and part of may, and I can say it was a great success for us. Small venues and tight crowds are par for the course on a first tour but it showed the press and those first few eager fans that we have a very different and hip show. 
Right now, plans are to make a video for 'Devil take my soul' and to keep at the business end of things until the record is in EVERY shop and being played on EVERY radio station. Another tour in Fall is likely, and some publicity stunts before then might be wise. If any one wants to call their local station and request the single, its there waiting to be played.

Take a visit to Ben's web site at:

Check out Brad's New Poetry
All of Brad's poetry can be accessed by clicking here. Read each one, and use the message board to post feedback for Brad to read.

KALOFFT becomes the official CTD mailing list
The original CTD mailing list, has been closed. Now the KALoffT mailing list takes its place as the new Official CTD mailing list. All members of the past PND list are encouraged to join KALoffT. To sign up, just click on the logo on the left, or access the Kalofft list from either of this sites menus. Join this online CTD community today if you haven't already! 

Crash Test Dummies Leave BMG
Just a few weeks ago, Crash Test Dummies left BMG, who they have been with since the beginning of their professional career. No word yet on a new label for the band.

Brad's Solo Live Album
The album will consist of recordings during Brad's Solo Tour (a.k.a. Brad's Working Vacation). Brad Roberts is accompanied by extra guitarist, and friend, Murray Pulver. Cover tunes performed so far include: Un-break My Heart, by Toni  Braxton, Understand Your Man, by Johnny Cash, Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes, Evil Grows by Terry Jacks of The Poppy Family, Cocaine, based on Jackson Brown's interpretation of Reverend Gary Davis, Le Grange by ZZ Top, and others that are not known of yet. To get the best sound for recording the album, Brad wanted to play at the same venue three times. And he did so in Toronto, Canada late November. The shows went well and was recorded. The album is now complete, and Brad plans to release it in the Fall of this year, followed by a tour.

Benjamin Darvill's Solo Albums
Ben's solo albums are currently in the works. The titled of them are: B.Darvill's Wild West Show, and, Son Of Dave. The official sites that will contain info about the album are:
- Husky Records
- Son Of Dave

The sound clips are now up! and ordering information is there. The option of buying the albums online will be added to the sites very soon. Check the site!

Ellen's Solo Album?
It was first way back at GSHF times when Ellen spoke about doing a solo album. I'm guessing that it's in the works. When looking at the very brief GYAH booklet, inside where it has the publishing info, all songs are published by, Greg Wells Music, except, A Little Something, published by Ellen Reid. Maybe that sound will be on her solo album...It's just a start on piecing info together yet...

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Le Fromage?
Did someone say fromage?...I mean cheese...Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm good. Good enough for Brad Roberts who worked out a deal with some cheese company in France for a commercial. Tres bien! 

Ellen Gets Pierced

Just a little note on Ellen to keep you posted. She got her nose pierced a couple weeks ago. She was also seen filming things with a camcorder for some sort of rockumentary.

6th Annual fav CTD Song Poll

The votes have been counted, here are the results of the top five songs:
1 - Afternoons & Coffeespoons
2 - Superman's Song
3 - Two Knights And Maidens
4 - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
5 - Swimming In Your Ocean.
Further details on the poll can be found at:

Co-producer Greg Wells goes for the Juno

Crash Test Dummies' co-producer on the Give Yourself A Hand album, Greg Wells has been nominated for a Juno award. He's up for the Best Producer category for his efforts on the album and it's singles: Keep A Lid On Things, and Get You In The Morning.

Chat at the CTD Chat House!
The time has come once again, to come and get on to this site for a good 'ol CTD chat. All fans are welcome to join the chat here. Click here to enter. This is the first of many chat which will be scheduled here. Plans are to have at least 2/month. Bring any topic you can think of to the chat to share with others. See you there!

Crash Test Dummies Win!
At the first annual Prairie Music Awards Crash Test Dummies won for Outstanding Pop Recording. One of the many categories they were nominated in. You can visit the official site of this award show to see a list of all the winners at:

Working Vacation turns into an album?
During the month of September while the band took a small break from touring, Brad Roberts and extra guitarist Murray Pulver played shows in the maritime provinces of Canada, and recenly, the Western side of Canada. Brad and Murray plan to record and produce an album from these live shows. There should be more news on this soon in the future. Maybe a year or so before it hits anywhere we can buy it.

Singles and Video Round-up
From the latest album, Give Yourself A Hand there have been 3 singles:
Keep A Lid On Things, Get You In The Morning, Give Yourself A Hand.
The second single, Get You In The Morning has been released in limited number in Europe. No word on if the single will make it to Canadian music stores yet. The Get You In The Morning video has been played on Much Music. You can vote for it by writing a request at:
The third single released is Give Yourself A Hand. It has only been released to Rock Radio stations. The CD contains one track, Give Yourself A Hand (Give Yourself A Guitar Remix). Request the dummies on your local radio stations!


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