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Welcome to the CTD Shack. This is your online guide for purchasing CTD goods online. You'll find links here to places where you can buy albums, singles, and other rarities.


The albums are not difficult to find online. The following are direct links to each album on the CDNOW web site.

The Ghosts That Haunt Me (1991)
God Shuffled His Feet (1993)
A Worm's Life (1996)
Give Yourself A Hand (1999)

Another place online where you can purchase these albums would be, www.cdplus.com

Singles, Promos, and other rarities

Visit ebay to find CTD singles, promos, albums, t-shirts, and many other rarities. Once at the site, type "Crash Test Dummies" in the search box. 

Music Videos

The music videos are not all available for purchase. One film was done about the dummies - Symptomology Of A Rock Band: The Case of Crash Test Dummies. It's story line goes about the band having certain symptoms while touring. The good thing in this film is, it has 5 music videos in it, which are:

Afternoons & Coffeespoons
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Swimming In Your Ocean
God Shuffled His Feet
Superman's Song

You can find this video online at:

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