Dan Roberts

Birth Date: May 22nd, 1967

If you don't know, Dan and Brad Roberts are brothers. He joined Crash Test Dummies just before they began putting together their first album, The Ghosts That Haunt Me. He got interested in joining after he heard the 5 song demo tape (Original Recipe). He had been having little contact with Brad and what he was up to, and went to see what it was all about after he heard the tape. Brad hinted to him many times to join, and he finally did in August 1989.

He does the bass in the group, and is mostly in the back behind Brad and Ellen at the big shows. Like shown in the photo here:

He has a deep voice as Brad does, but hardly ever sings in a CTD song. The only time I saw him do that is in a video of the band singing He Liked To Feel It live. He sang as Ellen did in the background - you could barely hear him though.

He is known to enjoy photography in his spare time. A few years ago he was reported to like playing NHLPA '94 on the Sega Genesis system. (I have that game too). I can almost bet he doesn't play it now though, since it is kinda dated back a bit.

Dan is also one of the 2 members of the band who are married (Mitch Dorge, being the other). I've just heard that from a recent interview at CrashTestDummies.com. It may have been between the A Worm's Life and Give Yourself A Hand albums that he got married. No details known on that yet, or her name.

On a final note, here is what Dan Roberts said he does in his spare time (Quote from CrashTestDummies.com)

"I live a very normal type life.  When I get off the road I'm usually busy catching up on stuff around the house, and hanging out with my wife.  I'm interested in photography, so I do some of that.  I'm a big hockey fan, so I try to catch some games.  It's kind of hard to get into too much, as there always seems to be some sort of Dummy related thing to do just around the corner."

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