Ellen Reid
lead/backup vocals, keyboards

Birth Date: July 14th, 1966

If you know beauty, then you'll have no trouble spoting the lovely Miss Ellen Reid in the group. She has been with the group as long as Brad has, and I am glad she is still there. As you can see in the photo below, here days in music were started at an early time.

The left photo is of Ellen at only 5 years of age. The photo on the right of Ellen was taken when she was in Grade 11, entertaining at the British pavilion during Culturama at Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive High School in 1984.

She had training at the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCOM) doing 11 years of classical paino, and six years playing tenor and the baritone sax, at her High School.

Ellen, is one of the three current band members that were actually together back before, they were know as the Crash Test Dummies. During gigs in the bars, Brad, Ellen, and Ben, and all the others who were with them long ago are now gone, and never got to be known as Crash Test Dummies.

Ellen is also known for giving ideas for the CTD's music videos. Such as the Supermans Song video. She was the one who dreamed up the idea of having the video take place at Superman's funeral. This is one of my favorite videos. She also put a few indeas into Swimming In Your Ocean and a few others.

Up until now she was known for back-up vocals, and using the keyboards.


She also did Filter Queen singing lead with Brad on the Keep A Lid On Things single.

Of course she was known in the past to do a little lead singing. She had a song on CTD's first demo tape, titled, Fundies Never Have Fun On Sundays. It never made it to their first album for some old reason. Aside from that she's did a few songs before CTD in groups with Brad, such as in the Brad Roberts Trio. During some live shows she also sang If I Had My Way, and of course the hit, The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead - a cover of an XTC song, and All You Pretty Girls.

As for going solo, it didn't quite get off the ground, as far as I know of. She has said in the past that she was interested in doing that. But also at that time she said she wouldn't want to sing lead on a CTD album, but she has done that since then.

One of the songs she sings on the new album has become a single. Get You In The Morning, has caught the ears of radio listeners all over. Ellen also gets to star in the video for the song.

As always, Ellen likes to shop. It's one of her favorite past times she says. If you ask me, she'll look good in anything.

She was the secret weapon of Crash Test Dummies for a long time. This time around it looks like they finally pulled the trigger :)

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