How To Sign Up

Joining the official Crash Test Dummies fan club is simple. Just send a S.A.S.E to the fan clubs manger/creator, Jane Parr at:
Jane Parr
P.O.Box 42
TN34 3WS

Using the address above you need to send your S.A.S.E with 2 "International Reply Coupons" - you can get these at offices around the world. They cost 60p less than 1, so if you ask at your post office for a coupon that will get a letter sent to you from England I'm sure they will be able to help. The letter won't weigh more than 100g if you need to know. The A4 envelope size would be a good size to send.

How You Can Help

The Crash Test Dummies fan club is all about sending info to all fans, along with photos, puzzles, and games. All fans are encouraged to send in material to be used in the next newsletter. Such things as artwork, photos, trivia questions, or anything else you can creatively think up. You can send it all too the same address as above. You can also contact Jane Parr by e-mail at:

Latest Club News

To date, the fan club has sent out it's first newsletter - which was 3 pages of eye candy. The second newsletter is now nearing completion. I'll let you know here when it's going to be sent out, so you'll know when to expect it in your mailbox. Send in your S.A.S.E now, so you can receive the next issue!



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