On the Keep A Lid Off Things mailing list along with all of the latest info, and communication among fans, there is also a couple games that goes online too. Which are, Who Wants To Be A CTDinaire?, and, Guess That Word! Below is the latest information and scores for each...

The on going game on Keep A Lid Off Things. Here are the rules of the game: The goal is to guess the secret word, which is CTD related. Each day a clue word is given to help you guess. You post your guess on the list, and I'll inform you if you are right or wrong. An example of a secret word could be "coffee". Some clue words could be: "roasted" or "beans" or "stimulating". The winner of each round is posted below. Do you have what it takes to be a CTDinaire?...

List Of Winners
Round 01 - TekMan
Round 02 - Worm
Round 03 - TekMan
Round 04 - James Kalyn
Round 05 - Wayne and Worm
Round 06 - Laura Roden
Round 07 - James Mellor
Round 08 - Annie
Round 09 - JoJo Shabadoo
Round 10 - JoJo Shabadoo
Round 11 - TekMan
Round 12 - Annie
Round 13 - Charles Portman

Guess That Word! is another game played on the Keep A Lid Off Things mailing list. It's played similar to the tv game show, Wheel Of Fortune. on the list, I give out a word or quote, and add a new letter to it each day, until someone guesses what it says. For example: - - P - - - - -, which would be S U P E R M A N. Everyone is allowed one guess at the puzzle each day. I'll quickly reply to let you know if you're correct or not. When you do win a round, your name will be added to the score board below. If you are not signed up to Keep A Lid Off Things, join today! click here

List Of Winners
Round 01 - JoJo Shabadoo
Round 02 - the Net Prophet
Round 03 - Laura Roden
Round 04 - James Kalyn
Round 05 - Charles Portman

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