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Crash Test is the official CTD site on the web. The site features up to date news with BIOs, photos, sound bytes, lyrics, tabs, articles, links and a few other nice sections.
ViK. Recordings CTD Site
This is ViK. Recordings CTD Site, which contains news, with some really cool sound and video clips, and also features the full-length Keep A Lid On Things video in RealVideo. Also check out the new video clip of GYITM.
Bugjuice: Crash Test Dummies
This site comes from BMG and it contains news, sounds, and few great video clips. Very much worth checking out.
Arista's CTD Site
Arista's CTD site has video clips, and sound with a BIO of the band, and a collection of photos, and a load of articles and reviews.
BMG's Backpage from the UK features a chat room which was used in the past to chat with CTD. It contains photos and the transcript from the last CTD chat there which was on April 1, 1999.
The official German Crash Test Dummies site. Everything is in the German language. The site contains a BIO, Clips, a Forum, and a signup for a newsletter.
A new adult contemporary site by BMG which features CTD giving the same content mainly as their Bugjuice site. It features many other artists as well.
Crash Test Dummies Resource Centre
This is a CTD fan's site owned by James Mellor. It contains many cool CTD resources as the chat transcript, BIOs, clips, discography, dummy quiz, with a shopping guide for CTD items, and more.
Lady Deathtouch's CTD Site
Links, photos, lyrics, and was the original home of the webring. It seems to have stopped updating since the release of A Worm's Life.

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