Mitch Dorge

Birth Date: September 15th, 1960

Mitch Dorge does the drums in Crash Test Dummies. He joined the group, just before the release of their first album, The Ghosts That Haunt Me. CTD were in search of a drummer when their previous one, Vince Lambert. The reason for his leaving in the group is not known for sure. There are a few stories, none of which may be correct.

Mitch is the other member of the band who is married. He married his wife Monique. They now have 2 children, Louise and Theo. They leave in a large French speaking community outside of Winnipeg. Mitch is also bilingual.
"Tres bien!"


Not too long ago in '97-98 Mitch has been producing a local Winnipeg band, Tuesday's Girl. To find out more about that band you can check out their home site at:

That's about it for now. All of these bios will be updated as the members proceed with the band.

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