Murray Pulver
special guest extra guitarist

Birth Date: unknown

Who put the fun in the funhouse? On several occasions you may hear someone other than Brad have that answer. That other person is none other than Murray Pulver, with the back up "You did baby -you did". To hear a sample of this you can listen to this 30 second clip of Brad and Murray singing Keep A Lid On Things.

Keep A Lid On Things 635k

He's been travelling with the band on the A Worm's Life tour and now the Give Yourself A Hand tour.

He met up with the band in London and got on to be an extra guitar player while recording the A Worm's Life album. He played the electric guitar solos on "I'm A Dog" and "All Of This Ugly", and additional guitars on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11.

I've sent a list of questions to Murray Pulver so we could find out a little more about him. He compiled all of his answers in a letter August 11, 1999. He writes:

Hello Jerry. It is nice to know that people are interested in my often not too exciting life, but here are the responses to your questions. O.K., first joining the band. I met Brad at his home studio after the band had recorded God shuffled. I was fortunate that he was around and liked my playing. A few years later, in prep for a worm's life, a mutual friend recommended me to Brad. I then joined the band in london for rehearsal and ended up playing on some of the worm's life album. In my spare time I think of ways to answer all your questions in one long run on sentence. Everything that I listen to I think has an influence on who I am as a musician ( I listen to all kinds of music), my favorite movie is Fargo, my usual breakfast is honey on toast but my favorite has got to be the chicken schitzel from falafel place here in the peg, I doubt I'd ever join the band ( things are fantastic the way they are), yes, I am very happily married to my wife of just over two years (Josephine), I don't surf the net, because my perfect day would be doing nothing with my perfect wife ( how can you tell she'll read this), before the dummies delved deep into their pockets to save me from a life of poverty and despair as a struggling musician, I was in training to be a mascot for any sports team that would hire me (still my dream).

Jerry I hope this helps, take care.
-Murray Pulver.

That about wraps this BIO up nicely. As with all of these BIO's they will be updated as the months and years pass. A special thanks to Murray Pulver for responding and answering my questions.

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Special Guest: Murray Pulver "The Pulverizor"

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