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Welcome to the RARE Audio clip page. Here you'll find Mp3 clips of over 2 dozen non-album songs, among them is a collection of music the dummies did in the late 80's. All clips are offered to you in both the Mp3, and RealAudio format. To obtain a program to play RealAudio or Mp3, please refer to the links on the lower right.
The reason for the 30 second maximum length of clips was to follow the legal rules of the record company, and the artist. Any site containing full length recordings of these songs is encouraged to be reported to the record company. You can also e-mail me and let me know, and I could pass it along.

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Non-Album Tracks alphabetical order 

The following is a list of known songs that were not used on any Crash Test Dummies album to date. They are a combination of b-sides, and other rarities. 
Each song is available to you in either Mp3 or Real Audio. 

All You Pretty Girls
Recorded during the GSHF era, and was released on the Afternoons & Coffeespoons single. One of the few XTC cover tunes done by the dummies.

Written and performed by Brad Roberts. He wrote the song for his girlfriend "Angela" for her birthday a few years ago. Brad played the song once in public during the Fish Aid Festival held in Nova Scotia in August of 1998.

Filter Queen

Recorded as one of the 15 songs produced for the GYAH album. It didn't make it to the albums tracklist, but was put on the Keep A Lid On Things single as a b-side.

Fundies Never Have Fun On Sundays
Another cover tune done during the dummies earlier performances. Featuring the lead vocals of Ellen Reid. It was one of the songs on the dummies original demo tape, but not picked up for the first album.

Get You In The Morning remix
A remix version of Get You In The Morning, from the Give Yourself A Hand album. Featuring the lead sexy vocals of Ellen Reid. It was released on the Get You In The Morning single, along with a radio edit version.

Give Yourself A Hand Guitar remix
A slight remix of the title track of the Give Yourself A Hand album. Showing not much difference from its album version, it was just cleaned up with a funkyer tune for radio stations.

Handy Candyman
Recorded during the GYAH album period. It was put on the Keep A Lid On Things single as a b-side, along Filter Queen.

He Liked To Feel It Omnichord
A remix of the album version of He Liked To Feel It, found on the A Worm's Life album. It presents a more cheerful melody than that of the album track.

Hit Me One More Time
A cover tune performed by the dummies during the Give Yourself A Hand tour, at the encore. Originally the song is performed by pop star Britney Spears.

If I Had My Way
Performed by Ellen Reid in the further past of the dummies career, and was also brought back during the God Shuffled His Feet tour.

Liverpool Lullabye
One of the earlier songs the dummies were known for playing back in the late 80's. Clearly a cover tune, and when performed, vocals were by Ellen, and Brad with backup.

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Scott Bell
The smash hit Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm with a twist ending. During the time that Brad wrote the tune, there were a couple left over verses. During some live performances he uses the alternate verse at the end. As heard in the clip above.

Party's Over
Another b-side produced during the time of the Give Yourself A Hand album. This song was put on the Get You In The Morning single.

Passacaglia/A Bud And A Slice
A duet between Brad Roberts and Joe Jackson. Released on one of Joe's discs where he performs with a number of artists. It's an unusual 6 minute song, with catchy lyrics.  

Row Bullies Row
This song was performed in the late 80's by the dummies. Later it was put on their 2nd demo tape, but was not picked up for the album.

Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn
Another one of the series of songs played in the late 80's. Played in such places as the Blue Note Cafe - a landmark area of dummy creation.

Soap, Soup & Salvation
Played in the late 80's, and was never recorded by the dummies.

Sunday Dress
Another old tune, where Ellen takes lead vocals.

The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
A XTC cover tune done by the dummies, with vocals by Ellen Reid. The dummies began playing this song during the God Shuffled His Feet tour. While playing it one night in Chicago, some record company people heard Ellen sing it, and it became part of the Dumb & Dumber movie soundtrack.

The First Noel
The only Christmas tune heard from the dummies. Recorded just after the release of their first album. It became a single, and a music video was also made. You can see a clip of the music video here.

The Rocky Road To Dublin
An old Irish traditional song picked up by the dummies. It was played back in the 80's by the band, and Brad has also performed in on a few acoustic performances.

Working Late
Another one of those older tunes. Ellen takes lead vocals. Performed in the 80's, and never again.

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