November 14, 2000
A new piece of artwork was added to the artwork page, which can be found in the misc section. Also, a new addition to the misc was added, titled The Blue Note Cafe. Check that page out to see color photos taken from inside.

October 11, 2000

Main page was cleaned up to load faster. All photos have been finally uploaded again. Sorry for the delay on those. Everything was cleaned up to get ready for the new content coming very soon.

August 6, 2000

Comics page was updated with part 2 of Charles Portman's comic. Charles was also added to the fanlist page. Also today this was got a domain address, You can access this site with that url, or by using, both point to the same site. Send in your CTD comics here.

August 2, 2000

Comics page was added in the Misc section.

July 29, 2000

Today the site was moved to a new server, which has no banner ads or pop ups. A selection menu was added to the main page, which will be updated later in the day.

June 25, 2000

Today the fanlist page was updated with Meghan's photo and info. Also TekMan has submitted 5 recordings for the futuredummies section.

May 29, 2000

Two new poems from Brad were added today here. The kalofft games info page was updated with this past weeks winners, Annie, and Charles Portman.

May 26, 2000

Today the main page was updated. Brad's collection of poems was added on a new page titled Brad's Poetry. That can be found in the Misc section. Also along with that a message board has been linked to the poems, so you can post your feedback for Brad to read there. And there was a new page added for this sites search engine here. The Conact page has also been updated with my new email address and a photo.

May 16, 2000

The main page was updated with news. More updates and resources are coming very soon.

April 26, 2000

Today I put up what's completed of the new Solo Projects section. You can access the Solo Projects section on the main page at the top right. Right now Ben's section has been started. It has News, Clips, Photos, Downloads, Tour Dates, and Links right now. Check it all out. At Ben's download page there are 3 wallpapers ready for download in 3 different resolution sizes. There are also 6 icons there as well :-) 

April 23, 2000

The Misc section got cleaned up with some new graphics that out shine the old ones. The fanlist was also updated, and the Thank you list was finally added to the Misc section.

April 19, 2000

Today 2 games were added to the Games section, CTD Fashion Show, and a Wisdom Trivia game. Both were on my previous CTD sites. Also a new face was added to the fanlist page.  

April 9, 2000
A new wallpaper was added to the wallpaper page in the download section. Also 8 photos of Ellen Reid were added on Ellen's page in the photo section.

April 7, 2000

Another wallpaper was added to the wallpaper page in the download section - with 3 desktop sizes available.

March 25, 2000

The fanlist was updated today with two new faces. Check it out here.

February 23, 2000

Today the fanlist page was updated in the misc section. Also a sign up box for the Keep A Lid Off Things Mailing List was added to the main page.

February 11, 2000

First today, the main news section was updated with the latest CTD info. The fanlist in the misc section was also updated. Another wallpaper was added to the wallpaper page in the download section. Loads more to come this weekend.

January 31, 2000

Today 5 RealAudio clips were added to the Interview/Live Audio page of the Clips section. The clips comes from a Much Music Spotlight done on the dummies in 1999.

January 28, 2000

Finally the Official chat room for this site was installed - you can find it here. You can also access it from "Chat" on the menu on the main page, or if you're in the hightech version of the site you can click on "Chat" from the bottom Flash menu. Visit that page to also find out when the next chat meeting is scheduled. 

January 17, 2000
Today a Crash Test Dummies Trivia game was added to the Games section. It's a 15 multiple choice question game created with just HTML and Java. It loads very fast, so there's no waiting for it to load. If you can answer all 15 questions you can be added to the winners list.

January 14, 2000

Quite a few updates again today. First off, there were over 30 photos added to the various parts of the Photo section. They include new photos of Brad, Ellen, Ben, Dan, Mitch, Live Photos, and Group Photos. Another screen saver was added to the Screen Saver page of the Download section. CTD fan Laura Roden was added to the fan list page, with a photo, and info. And finally today, the Contact page was updated with some new info.

January 12, 2000

Today a new page has been added to the Download section titled, Computer Programs. I added the first computer program to it today. More advanced programs will be added as time goes on. Right now you can check out what's there so far. Also today, 2 more photos were added to the Live Concerts page of the photo section. The 2 photos were taken during the A Worm's Life Tour. The main news page was also updated. Is that enough for today? Nah ;) There's more... Also, a new wallpaper has been added to the Wallpaper download section. Along with all of that, 24 icons have been added to the icon download page! All 24 icons are in high-color at the highest quality. 1 photo has been added to Brad Roberts page in the photo section, 2 photos of Ellen were added to Ellen's photo page, and 2 photos of Brad and Ellen together were added to the Group photo page.
This sites search engine was also updated with the pages added today. If you didn't notice, the search engine is on the main page in the lower left side.

January 3, 2000

Another game was created and added today to the Games section. It's called "Give Yourself A Hand Puzzle Game".
It's a game based on the classic slider puzzles. The puzzle pieces get scrambled, and the goal is to get the photo back into it's original shape. This game was developed using Macromedia Flash. If you don't have the plugin, it will detect that, and begin downloading it for you. The CTD Shack was created today. Which is located in the Misc section. Also today, 3 more wallpapers were added. Check them out at the wallpaper page of the download section.

January 2, 2000

Today the Games section was designed. The first game, "A Worm's Life: Dan Roberts Goes Fishin'" has been added to it, with a few updates. The sites new search engine was updated. Also today, 3 new wallpapers were added. Check them out at the wallpaper page of the download section.

December 30, 1999

Today was the launch day of this sites search engine. This site has been growing daily now, and it's getting big, so I added a search engine. You can find the search engine on the main page. It's there on the lower right beneath the guest book image. To use the engine, simply type in what you're looking for. Like "guitar tabs" for example. You type it in, and then click the search button. It's very simple to use, and is very powerful. So try that out - you might find a page here on the site that you haven't seen before. Comments and/or questions on the search engine are highly welcomed at:

December 29, 1999

First off today, the interview/live video clips page was created. And on that newly created page, 4 videos were added. 3 of which are in the RealVideo format, and the other in QuickTime. So check that page out. Also today 4 screen savers were added. I just finished making them today. Check them out at the screen savers page of the download section. The screen savers offer photos, animation and sound. You can see a preview image of each at that page as well. I'll be creating more screen savers as time goes on.

December 28, 1999

Today the guitar tab page was finally created. You can find that page in the discography section. Right now on that page there are 26 songs listed with tabs. If you have any that I don't have there please send them in. James Kalyn was also added to the Guess That Word! scoreboard in the Keep A Lid Off Things games info page.

December 27, 1999
The interview/live clips page was updated again today. An interview with Brad Roberts on Open Mike was added. It was recorded back early last year, and it was on my previous CTD site but was lost while converting everything, so I recorded it again from the TV recording. So check that out on the interview/live clips page. 6 midis of songs which CTD covered on tour were added today to the sounds page, which is in the download section. Also today there was another wallpaper added. That makes 17 wallpapers available in total now. Finally today the Online fan list was updated with a photo + info from Jane Parr. Oh and one more thing! I finally added the Contact page. A page that consists of methods in which you can contact me. It was on the menu since the site up - it works now, and I expect an increase in e-mail :)

December 26, 1999

Today the interview/live clips page was started. Right now on that page there is a audio recording of an episode of Off The Record that Brad was on last Spring. The recording is split into 4 files, which total over 20 minutes. So check that out! Also dealing with that recording, I took some photos of the episode from tv and created a new wallpaper from that. So you can check out that new shiny wallpaper right now on the wallpaper page. Also today I updated the Online fan list with info, and another photo. PS> Dozens of audio/video clips are coming tomorrow.

December 24, 1999

I think today is the biggest update ever on any CTD site really. It really took 60% of the day from me. First the online fan list was updated with info on Anja Hezek with a photo, and a photo of TekMan was added to his info.
Then the biggest part. I just created 22 audio clips of all the non-album songs. They can be found in the RARE audio clip section of the clips page. The make it harder on me and easier on you the people I have each clip in BOTH RealAudio and MP3. Along with the title of each track listed there is also a few lines of info written on each of the songs. All displayed on a user friendly layout. So check out the RARE audio clip page. Very soon there will be a collection of other audio clips, along with a couple dozen video clips. Lots more to come everyone :)

December 23, 1999

Today the Misc section was updated with the newly created Artwork page, along with the start of the Fan List page. Thanks to the e-mails of 6 different people, I was told that I left out the Peter Pumpkinhead music video clip. Sure enough when I checked, it wasn't there. So today, that video clip is now on the Music Video clips page and the Song & Video List page. 7 or 8 other pages had minor updates as well (the usual maintenance to keep things running in tip top condition :) ) Happy Holidays everyone, and yes I'll be updating the site even on Christmas eve.

December 22, 1999

The Misc section got a start today. I just finished the layout of the main page of the Misc section. The parts of the Misc section will be added along the next couple days. The kalofft games info page was updated with Laura Roden winning round 3 of Guess That Word! The Song & Video List page was also updated with video clips for each of the music videos. A few other graphics were added, and I upgraded the Flash menu bar with the Misc page link. Look for parts of the Misc section tomorrow coming to life...

December 21, 1999

Today the fan club page was created. It now contains all the info you need on the Official Fan Club of the Crash Test Dummies. All other pages of the site were looked over and edited. The kalofft games info page was updated with the Net Prophet winning round 2 of Guess That Word! Also the fan list page is currently being developed. I'm asking fans to submit the following for that list. Send a photo of yourself, along with the answers to these questions: Age, Sex, Favorite CTD Album, Favorite CTD Song. I hope that most of you can do that. It will give all fans a chance to see each other, which is always a good thing. :-) So send that info to me by e-mail at: Thanks

December 18, 1999

Updated main news page. More updates coming tomorrow!

December 16, 1999

Today, 8 more music video clips were uploaded. Now all 12 music video clips are here for you to see. You can see them in the music video page in the clip section. The videos uploaded today include: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, Afternoons & Coffeespoons,God Shuffled His Feet, Swimming In Your Ocean, He Liked To Feel It, My Own Sunrise, Keep A Lid On Things, and, Get You In The Morning.
Also today, the main news was slightly updated to today, and there was a new recording from Martin White, which is now in the Future Dummies section. He did a very unique version of He Liked To Feel It, in what he calls an European mix. So check out the new sound and voice from that.
One other thing added today was a section about the new
Guess That Word! game that is now played on the Keep A Lid Off Things mailing list. You can visit this page and read about the rules of the game, and the current scoreboard among other things.
So this was a rather large update which took me all day to finish. Hope you enjoy...

December 13, 1999

The music video clip section was started today. So far there are clips of the following videos: Superman's Song, Androgynous, The Ghosts That Haunt Me, and The First Noel. Each video is in the RealVideo format at the highest quality level. I'll be adding all of the other music videos tomorrow - 13 in total I think. Also in the spirit of the season I made The First Noel wallpaper. You can download that now in the wallpaper download section. More updates tomorrow!

December 2, 1999

Today the photo section was created. It now contains photos of Brad, Ellen, Ben, Dan, Mitch, Murray, Group photos, and live concert photos. Also there were 2 songs added to the Future Dummies page, which are: The First Noel, and The Ghosts That Haunt Me.

November 28, 1999

The main news page was updated. Also a new wallpaper has been added to the download section. The wallpaper features the Keep A Lid On Things music video, and brings the total of wallpapers up to 14 right now. Where else can you get this stuff I ask you... I also stuck in Keep A Lid On Things for the Future Dummies page.

November 21, 1999

The Games section is currently being done. Today the first game was added. It uses Flash technology. If you do not have the Flash plugin, you can go to the games page and find out how to get it (it just takes less than 1 minute to download). The first game so far is titled "A Worm's Life: Dan Goes Fishin'", so check that one out. The more questions you get right, the farther you see the worm go through his life...

November 13, 1999

The Crash Test Poll was added with a question. Also a comment box has been sent up, so you can e-mail me from from the site. I also worked on the clips section, a little. I added a clip of every song on each album, so you can hear a bit of every official song.

November 2, 1999

Today there were additions to the discograhies album section, which include: The Ghosts That Haunt Me lyrics, clips, album info, God Shuffled His Feet lyrics, clips, album info, A Worm's Life lyrics, clips, album info, Give Yourself A Hand lyrics, clips, and album info. The Keep A Lid Off Things page has been done with lots more info on the CTDinaire game, etc, and sign up info.

November 1, 1999
The main news page is updated, and I created the past CTD news page. All in the discography, there is a little piece of the albums section there, with lyrics and sound clips from the TGTHM album.

October 29, 1999
Today there were another 2 wallpapers added. One dedicated to the My Own Sunrise music video, and the other to the Swimming In Your Ocean video. All wallpapers can be found in thw download section. There will be a major update coming on Saturday. So check back for that.

October 27, 1999
First off, a huge thanks to Steven (aka TekMan) for sending me photo shots of all of the CTD music videos. Today, I used them to do the Video List/Descriptions. You can check that out here. I also created 3 new wallpapers. These three are the best I've done yet I think. Go check them out in the download section, or by clicking here. Lots more tomorrow too!

October 23, 1999
I just got the Keep A Lid Off Things, page started. The main graphic is done, along with most of the sign up page. Everything else there should be done by tomorrow night.

October 21, 1999
Today I just put up whats done so far on this site. A few of the things that are up anbd running are: the bios section, all of the downloads, the links, future dummies, web ring, and a couple others. Everthing that was on the previous web site will be here by this Sunday (Oct24th).
Feel free to send comments or questions to me at:

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