I'm Outlived by That Thing?

[G] I threw [C] out that stupid common [F]paper [Dm]weight
[G] And it went [C] out into the country
[Gm] To a place where [Dm] other solid objects lie [G] around
[D] Well it's quite [Bm] hard and so it's probably [G] still [Em] there
[D] And when I [Bm] die it will still be [G] some [G lydian] where

[A] Ha-ha! [Bm] I'm outived by [G9] that thing
and [D] stupid things [F] like that.

A man once took a very famous photograph
It went in books and even lectures
He said it was a monster in the old Loch Ness
Before he died, his wife gave him a backrub:
He confessed his lie - he'd took the picture in the bathtub


Scientists have recently just found out
About a fish they didn't know of
That lives along the bottom of the darkest seas
It doesn't need eyes, and it's been there a long while
Since back in the times of giant flying reptiles

(chorus X 2)

Thank you to Steve Pinner for the chords.

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